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Katalog is a data catalog that is included in Fybrik for evaluation purposes.

It is powered by Kubernetes resources:

  • Asset CRD for managing data assets
  • Secret resources for managing data access credentials


An Asset CRD includes a reference to a credentials Secret, connection information, and other metadata such as columns and associated security tags. Apply it like any other Kubernetes resource.

Access credenditals are stored in Kubernetes Secret resources. You can use Basic authentication secrets or Opaque secrets with the following keys:

Name Type Description Required
access_key string Access key also known as AccessKeyId false
secret_key string Secret key also known as SecretAccessKey false
api_key string API key used in various IAM enabled services false
password string Password for basic authentication false
username string Username for basic authentication false

Manage users

Kubernetes RBAC is used for user management:

  • To view Asset resources a Kubernetes user must be granted the katalog-viewer cluster role.
  • To manage Asset resources a Kubernetes user must be granted the katalog-editor cluster role.

As always, create a RoleBinding to grant these permissions to assets in a specific namespace and a ClusterRoleBinding to grant these premissions cluster wide.