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Connection information for accessing a kafka topic


Name Type Description Notes
bootstrap_servers String A comma-separated list of host/port pairs to use for establishing the initial connection to the Kafka cluster [default: null]
key_deserializer String Deserializer to be used for the keys of the topic [optional] [default: null]
sasl_mechanism String SASL Mechanism to be used (e.g. PLAIN or SCRAM-SHA-512) [optional] [default: SCRAM-SHA-512]
schema_registry String Host/port to connect the schema registry server [optional] [default: null]
security_protocol String Kafka security protocol one of (PLAINTEXT, SASL_PLAINTEXT, SASL_SSL, SSL) [optional] [default: SASL_SSL]
ssl_truststore String A truststore or certificate encoded as base64. The format can be JKS or PKCS12. [optional] [default: null]
topic_name String Name of the Kafka topic [default: null]
value_deserializer String Deserializer to be used for the values of the topic [optional] [default: null]

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